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Like many students, I have also experienced cramming just to meet paper submission deadlines. I am not used to bullying people around to help me with my school work rather I am the one who resorts to shortcuts when it comes to school projects. However, I reached the end of my rope when I was asked to submit four papers on the same day.

Gladly, a friend recommended me to pay for essays online. I was adamant at first, but I had no recourse but to give it a try. And here are some of the sites I visited and how I rate them:


Buy an Essay, Really?

I had the same reaction when my friend raised the idea the first time. But when I gave it some thought, I said that it was not too bad after all. First, I was really pressed with time, and no matter what I did I was really sure that I would not be able to meet the deadline. Secondly, I thought of the consequences if I failed a subject or two just because I failed to meet the writing requirements of my subjects. I could not bear the thought of my parents having to pay my tuition again for a subject that I should have passed the first time.

To cut the long story short, I decided just to pay for essays online to lessen the burden and make sure that I meet the deadline on time.

Experts from can write you a perfect paper

If you like perfection, you should use companies that can provide it. The situation is the same when it comes to academic writing. In fact, here perfection is mandatory.

Why clients are satisfied with offers their services for 12 years. If you know that their team writes hundreds of papers every day, you can imagine how many papers they wrote. Here are the most important reasons that make every client satisfied.

The website is very easy to use

The website is designed so the navigation is fast, and a user doesn’t have to spend time on unnecessary content. You get the most important information and facts. Of course, you get ‘’Order Now’’ button as well. Clicking on it, you will see a form. It must be completed so that you can order your first paper. According to a survey, you will need 2 minutes to order your paper. For the next paper, you will need 1 minute! Remember that discounts are shown on the homepage. You should click on them, in order to use them.

The staff is perfect

The staff at consists of professionals. In order to work here, you need at least 3 years of experience. Also, only native English speakers can work. If we add that every writer must have at least a master’s degree and that plagiarism won’t be tolerated, we end up with the staff that is completely professional. Support is made from experts as well. They will help you with any issue you have in a few minutes. They are available 24/7, every single day in a year! This is important if you need an urgent essay in the middle of a night.

The quality is the best

A client chooses the quality. Normally, a new paper is written in high quality. This is more than enough for most clients. However, if you want a perfectionist, you can choose premium quality or a TOP writer. In these cases, the assigned writer will take a bit more time, but your paper will have even higher quality. You should know that TOP writer means, the writer with the best feedback and long experience. Language is important for the quality of an essay. So, you can choose the English U.S., English U.K or not a native speaker. The third feature is useful if English is your second language.

More papers you order, prices are lower

As aforementioned, you can see discounts on the home page. Well, if you visit it today, you will be able to use a discount of 20%. 10% you get right now, and 10% goes to the balance. The credit balance is a virtual money that can be used for payment of a new essay. For example, if you have $100 in your credit balance, and the cost of your essay is $150, you will have to pay $50. This is a great way to save money, and get well-written essays.


Why is better than other companies for academic writing

High-quality content is something that your essay must have. It also must be free of grammar and spelling errors. It is easy to get what you want, if you use right company.

5 reasons that make the best company has been among us for some time. During that time, they made a lot of happy clients. It is easy to achieve these goals when you have talented staff and perfect service. Now, you will see what makes the best academic writing company.

The quality must be the best, always

The most important part of any paper is quality. In order to achieve this, uses experts with experience. Only native English speakers can work here. All writers must follow any given instruction, at all times! Every client must be satisfied, or he can demand a money refund. Also, a client can choose the level of quality. High quality is a standard option. However, a client can demand premium quality. Also, he/she can choose the TOP writer. Now you know why the quality is at the highest level.

The deadline is always obeyed

If you miss a deadline, even the best paper in the world cannot make a difference. Because of this, writers at always respect the time a client chose. It can be short as 3 hours, but an essay will be delivered on time. It is easy to know how, if you know that your topic is given to the most suitable writer, unless you demand another writer. You can do this by entering the writer ID when you order your essay.

The prices are low

The staff at knows that the most common clients are students. They also know that these people don’t have a salary, yet. Because of this, prices are low, and there are a lot of discounts. Clients that order several papers get balance money. It can be used for payment. Every client gets free services as well. A free revision is guaranteed. It lasts 2 weeks, and during that time, a writer will edit an essay as many times as needed.

The website is easy to use

The website is designed so you can order an essay in 3 minutes. When you order a few essays, this time is even shorter. You will see only important facts and things you need to know on the home page. All you need to do is to enter the required information and download your essay.

The communication is on a high level has a support service that is online all the time. When I say all the time, I mean 24/7/365. You can contact them at any time and ask them anything you want to know. At the same time, you can use live chat. It is also available all the time, and it is the quickest way to find what you need. You can also communicate with your writer while he is working on your project. You can use SMS or email.


Why you should use

Get your new essay today, from You won’t spend time on research and writing, but you will end up with a great paper.

The best reasons you should use

Writing is much easier when you have a lot of time and you write an essay you like. On the other side, if you don’t have time and you don’t like a topic, you should use Here are just some reasons why you should use their service.

How I can order an essay at

The website is developed so every person can use it. On the homepage, you will see all you need to know about their services. Now, all you need to do is to click on ‘’Order now’’ and complete the form. You will need 2 minutes in order to order your essay. There are a lot of options you can use. All of them are developed to help you get the perfect essay.

Are they good?

Writers at the are native English speakers with experience. In order to work for, they had to have at least 3 years of experience. This means that most of the writers have longer experience (many of them work a few years). Every writer must have a master’s degree. This is a guarantee you will get a perfect essay. As a client, you can communicate with the assigned writer and make adjustments any time you want. You can communicate via email or SMS messages.

How much time they will need in order to deliver your essay?

The simplest answer ever. You choose the delivery time. When filling the form, under ‘’Urgency’’ choose the time you want. It is possible to get a unique and well-written essay in 3 hours. Don’t think it will have poor quality or mistakes. Writers are professionals so they can type fast. On the other side, you have a free revision. It lasts 2 weeks and during that time, the assigned writer will adjust an essay until you are completely satisfied.

What about the prices?

The prices at are low. They start from $12 (without a discount), and you can even use bonus codes. They are available on the homepage, so you can use them today. These codes bring a 15% discount. You also get a bonus money. The first time you order an essay, you get 10%. Every next time brings you 5%. This is a virtual money that will appear on your account every time you order an essay. When you collect enough, you can use it to pay the whole essay. This means that one essay you can get for free.

Is there any support? offers one of the best support you can find. The staff consists of trained professionals. All of them have a few years of experience. This means you can get any information or help in a few seconds. The live chat is also available. You can use it 24/7, every single day in a year!



The decision to seek the help of an essay writing service provider did not come easy. I have to battle with the moral dilemma of letting another person do a work that I was supposed to do. I even consulted my parents about it. Mind you, they are not the type of people who take the easy way out. After explaining to them the trouble that I was faced with, they just advised me to do what I needed to do!

And that started my quest to find a provider to whom I can buy essay online. Finding a paper writing provider when you want to buy an essay is quite easy. You just use the words “essay writing service” or “pay for essays online” and your search engine will do the work for you.

My First Thoughts

The first site that I visited was and I was quite impressed by what I initially saw. But what really caught my attention was what they charge per page. From $7.50 per page, I thought that their price was reasonable. I really liked the fact that they were upfront with it and that there is no bait-and-switch tactic.

After providing the required information to log in to the site, I was taken to the members’ area where I was able to explore the website even more. The Edusson system searched for writers that are best qualified for the topic at hand.

I reviewed several candidates’ portfolio and decided to hire one who had an impressive credential and work history. I was impressed with the writer’s professionalism and how he asked questions during our chat conversation. Needless to say, everything I needed for my essay was sorted out and I hired the writer.

I gave a seven-day deadline and the writer was in constant communication during the whole process. What really struck a chord was how he was able to beat the deadline by two days. I, of course, did my due diligence and checked the material for plagiarism using a plagiarism tool I found online. The essay passed with flying colours, so to speak!

What You Will Get from

Edusson provided me with an excellent essay writing service. The whole website is user-friendly and very straight-forward. They have a great selection of writers who have excellent service record. The bids that I received for the job was between $24 to $30 which I believe were reasonable prices for the service I sought.

Although I contracted a writer for just a single topic, I also found out that those who want to pay for essays online will not have difficulty finding a writer for a topic of their choice. The site has writers that provide creative writing services, article reviews, thesis papers, research work, and almost any type of paper writing requirement.

Placing an order is equally easy and simple. You just provide the topic and the subject for which the article would be written, and pay. Once you have deposited the amount required, you will then be free to discuss the requirements with your chosen writer. What is even astounding is that fact that the money you paid is not released to the writer until such time that you received your paper work to your complete satisfaction. This means that you can ask for revisions a few times until the paper is perfect before you pay for essay.

The only hard part about the whole process is choosing the right writer for you. I went through several portfolios of writers to see their work history and customer feedback because I wanted to make sure that I hire the best one before I pay for essay on this site. The good thing about the site is that they provide users with information such as customer feedback score rated from one to four. This makes it easier to discard writers who have very low customer feedback score. Secondly, the site also shows how many jobs the writers have completed. This was important for me because finding a writer with great customer feedback and a long work history is an assurance that I am hiring a real professional.



I thought that it would be hard to find an essay provider online, but proved me wrong! The whole process—from setting the topic and choosing the writer to submission of the complete work—was really simple and clear-cut. The bidding process provides flexibility for students who are in a budget, but without sacrificing the quality of the work.

Overall, my whole experience is awesome. I highly recommend this site to students who want to buy essay online—pretty much like the ones who have provided their testimonials in the site.


My quest for the best essay writing service did not stop after I submitted my paper. I became fascinated with this type of service that I decided to visit a few more sites, which includes is another choice for students who are looking to buy an essay online. There are over a thousand writers available on the site who can write anything from high school papers to dissertation papers for master’s degree. They also provide other services such as proofreading, editing, research development, referencing, and 24-hour consultation. First-time customers are provided with an automatic 10% discount which will remain in the balance of their accounts.


Another notable feature of the site is the qualification they set for their writers. All writers have finished a college degree and are skilful in their chosen fields. This means that when you pay for essay to be written you are hiring not only a professional writer, but also a person who is really knowledgeable about the topic he or she is writing about.

Rates per page depend on various factors such as academic level, deadline, topic, and type of work. The price range varies from $10 to $60 depending on the combination of requirements. The site has an easy-to-use price scale table that will provide you with a general idea of how much you are going to spend for your writing requirement.

Buyessay is another site that offers essay writing service. It offers its services from high school students to students who are doing their master’s dissertation. One convenient feature of the site is that it provides customers with article samples from the writers. This means that you can get an idea of the quality of work of the writers even before they hand you over your finished paper work.

The site also offers other benefits such as no-plagiarism guarantee, timely delivery, 100% privacy protection so that no one will know that you contracted their services, and full work satisfaction or your money back guarantee!

Budget-wise, is a bit more expensive compared to other providers who cater to students who want to pay for essays online. The initial cost per page with 250 words is $13 and can be higher depending on the deadline, academic level, and type of work. It is good to note, though, that provides a 15% discount to their regular customers. Those who are looking to buy an essay regularly can greatly benefit from this discount.


Aside from the discount, the site also boasts of their money-back guarantee. This is their way of assuring customers that what they will get is only the best. This holds true for plagiarized work and confidentiality issues. Customers who believe that the paper they received is copied directly from existing sources or that their identity had been divulged can file a dispute to get their money back.


I was not fully impressed by how the Paperduenow website is presented, but I would say that it still looks professional. Unlike other websites though, this service provider offers an array of discounts which include both lifetime and one-time discounts. For each milestone (total number of paper writing projects contracted), customers get discounts in rising increments from 5% up to 15%. They also have a unique 5% and 10% discounts depending on the cost of your order.

Another unique feature of this site offers to customers who buy an essay is its use of Webcheck to detect instances of plagiarized content. The written work is compared with the ones published in the internet and any lines that are considered “copied” are flagged. This assures you that when you pay for essays online through Paperduenow, you will only get uniquely written paper.


You can also rely on the website’s solid customer support as they have consultants available 24 hours a day to answer any queries of their customers. They also provide an SMS service to notify customers when their paper is complete. Both customers and writers are also provided with a system where they can communicate effectively to discuss the project. This ensures that the project will be completed without a hitch as problems and queries can be addressed real-time. This system is really helpful when you pay for essay to get done efficiently.

For those who are not sure about the quality of work if they pay for essays online can request for an abstract first by simply paying $14. If you are satisfied with the abstract, you can choose to decide to go all out and have your full essay written. Price per page starts at $10 and will vary depending on the requirements.

Essaypedia focuses on requirements of college students and those taking higher level of education. Their writers are required to have finished a Master’s degree before they are employed. Aside from paper writing, this website offers other services such as admission letters and Powerpoint presentations for those who need visuals to go with their papers.

It is good to note that you are safe from plagiarism when you buy from because they use plagiarism software to check the web for any copied material. They also provide VIP customer service so that you can contact their support team any time of the day or you can get in touch with the writer of your choice.


Comparatively, charges a higher rate than other essay writing services online. The initial fee per essay page is $22 and will rise depending on the deadline, academic level, and type of material you need written. The Powerpoint presentation can be acquired at a cost computed to be 50% of the rate you pay per page.


It appears that the webpage was designed with its clientele in mind—students. The site is full of vibrant colours that will make any visitor feel welcomed. The website does not only offer essay writing service, it also provides work opportunities for students with writing skills.

Customers who are willing to pay for essays online via Essaybro can choose any writer based on their qualifications, ratings, and price bids. Payments are only released to the writers once the paper is submitted and the customer is fully satisfied with the outcome. This provides you with a guarantee that you will only receive a product that meets your standards.


Payment can be made safely and securely online using credit card or PayPal. The site does not only offer security of financial information, but personal information protection as well. At $7 per page, the paper writing rates are considered to be one of the lowest among online writing service providers. At the said price, it can be expected that the writers doing the work may not have the same high credentials as the one writing in more expensive websites. However, the quality of work can be considered as appropriate for their target market and their requirements.

I hope that you found the reviews of these essay-writing websites helpful in your decision to buy an essay online!

Buy an essay: Is It Worth the Cost?

Let us face it, not everyone has a way with written words. You will seldom see people who can sit in front of a computer and type their way to pages and pages of report. Essay writing does not come easy to many students, making it an obstacle to their academic success. Not a few resorts to using essay writing service they find in the internet.

Some people may find the practice to pay for essays online distasteful. Face with a dilemma between failing a subject and meeting the requirement forces students to buy an essay. We present this review of online providers to help students get their money’s worth.

Samedayessay is a website that I personally prefer as I have used their services in more than one occasion. I find the order process to be simple and straightforward. The price I pay per article is actually well within my budget as a student. Because I have been a regular customer, I was able to develop a good working relationship with a few writers of my choice. I know exactly who to contact when I need a project written on a certain subject.

Another thing that I also like about Samedayessay is their quality standard. Not because they provide an affordable service you will get a crappy product. In fact, I find the quality of work of their writers to be high. More importantly, I also receive my written essay on time. I guess this also has something to do with the topics of the projects I had—not really the dissertation-doctorate-type of essay writing.

If it is your first time to buy an essay online, you will find the Samedayessay website to be easy to use. What I like even more is the type of customer support they provide. You can always reach out to their customer service agents for any queries you might have about their service. As one of the many customers who pay for essays online, my experience with this website is incomparable.

I am also fully satisfied with the depth of knowledge of their writers. Regardless of the subject, I knew I would always find an excellent writer to help me with my paper writing. Writing papers on psychology, history, and sociology seem so simple to them. In fact, I have not experience of asking for any revisions for the papers I requested except for one—a book review. It was well-written and properly referenced. The only problem was that it lacked personality—my personality.

This, however, was not a problem at all! I simply explained to the writer the tone of the essay and he easily got it. In no time, I received the revised copy of the paper and it met the standards that I required! For me, Samedayessay is my go-to essay writing service when I need essays done quickly and affordably without sacrificing quality.


Another one of my favourite essay providers is Paperhelp. I have lost count of how many writing projects I had with them since I was in high school. This website offers value for your money when you want to pay for essay.

Unlike other writing services, this company gives you three professionals to help you: a researcher, a writer, and proof-reader. All these tasks are usually done by a single person. However, mistakes are prone to happen when there is just one pair of eyes looking at the same material over and over again. With three experts doing each stage of the work, I am secure that every single detail of my school project is taken care of.

The collaborative effort on the project is not limited to the staff doing my work. In fact, I am always included in the whole process. I have the habit of asking questions and giving my opinion—a practice that some writers find annoying! The Paperhelp team that I have worked with have always welcomed me as part of the team and they always listen to what I have to say.

You may find the Paperhelp website not as appealing as other essay-writing service websites, but don’t let that dissuade you to buy an essay from this site. From my experience, everything in this website is simple and easy—from making the order, to choosing and contacting the writers, to making a payment, up to receiving the finished essay. In terms of deadline, the writers always submit work on time if not ahead of time. I only experienced a minor delay once and it was for just 10 minutes or so.

Rate-wise, I would say that Paperhelp charges their customers more than other service providers. However, if you will look at their rate for platinum quality projects with tight deadlines their price is very competitive.


I came across this website because of an urgent need. You see, I usually plan everything out but completely forgot an essay for my Psychology subject. I only buy an essay online when I am really swamped with paperwork and I could no longer meet the deadline.

Now going back to my Psychology paper, I only remembered about this requirement a day prior to submission when I had other papers lined up. Gladly, a friend recommended Essaychampions for rush writing jobs as she had used their services before.

I had no choice at that time so I reluctantly agreed. I still had a 24-hour leeway that time, but I always wanted to check the papers I ask other people to do. You see, I don’t want to be caught red-handed not knowing the content of the paper I am submitting. So I signed up in the website and chose a 3-hour deadline with advanced level of writing. The price per page came as a surprise—$48.95 for each page. I needed three pages of report and it would cost me a total of $124!

I have to decide fast—shall I or shall I not? The website’s promise of quality writing and 10% discount as a new customer somehow persuaded me to sign up for the service.

And now the more interesting part!

Right after I completed the requirements when you pay for essays online, a writer was immediately assigned to me. What caught me by surprised was that the writer was a Psychology graduate himself. In fact, he was a holder of a Master’s degree in Psychology. Right then and there, I knew that my psychology paper was in good hands. The writer and I went through the details of my requirements and the conversation was truly professional, but light and easy.

Now came the waiting part—the thing I hate most in the whole process when I pay for essay! To my surprise (another one in a series of surprises), I received my paper in less than three hours! What is even more amazing was that the paper was written in a truly professional manner. I had an idea of the paper’s content; but what I received was actually mind-blowing! I was shown a perspective of the subject that I didn’t even thought of.

If you thought I was impressed, you will even more surprised with what my professor said about quality of work!

Working with writers of Essaychampions had been a great experience for me that I still buy an essay from them when the need arises. Yes, the rate is a bit high—but I don’t mind paying the amount because I always receive the service that I paid for—and more!


I have a number of essay writing service providers depending on my academic requirements. My go-to website for term papers, especially for subjects that I really don’t enjoy like Business, is Evolutionwriters. This does not mean that I pass papers for submission’s sake. No matter how I hate a school subject, I still want to submit work of the highest quality.

Going back to Evolutionwriters—the first thing I did when I visited their site was to look at customer reviews. This is very important for me especially when it is the first time that I will buy an essay from a provider. What I read actually impressed me, but I still need further assurance that I will get quality essay writing service.

I contacted their customer support and was connected to customer representative who was very fun to chat with and very knowledgeable. He explained to me how to process my order in Evolutionwriters including the bidding process of the writers.

The bidding was quite important because the pricing per page in this website is quite high compared to others. My project was 9-page essay with a 10-day deadline. Based on the pricing chart, it would cost me around $215.82 for the whole paper writing project to be completed. That is close to $24 per page! I thought at first that it was less than that, but I made the mistake of choosing Euro as denomination instead of dollars. Gladly, the representative I chatted with pointed this out to me before I ordered and pay for essay.

Anyway, I placed an order for my Business project and I received several bids from a number of writers. After reviewing their profile, work experience, and customer feedback, I decided to choose a writer who provided me with a cost 20% less than the quoted price. For students who pay for essays online regularly, that was a substantial savings!

I received the paper I paid for online a day ahead of the deadline, which was really good considering that I needed some minor revisions done. What was really remarkable was that the writer gladly took my feedback, did the revisions, and sent the revised term paper back to me after less than two hours. I was fully satisfied with the result, to say the least! If you want to buy an essay online, you might want to consider the services of Evolutionwriters.


I love reading books, especially when I can relate to the message of the literature. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to express in my own words my thoughts and feelings about what I read. This is a huge problem for me when it comes to book reports or book review requirements in school. Good thing I have Grademiners to help me out in my essay writing.

Since I have been with Grademiners for quite a while now, I have developed a really strong working relationship with a literature writer. She responds very well to my queries and she asks me questions relevant to the topic at hand. All the book reviews she did for me were given high grades by my professors. As one of my teachers said, my personality showed in all the papers I submitted. Now, that is a complement for my writer as she was able to capture my thoughts and feelings and put them into words!

Conclusion: Buy an essay and Make Your Student Life Easier

As a student, you need to be resourceful if you want to pass your subjects and graduate from school. You will be faced with endless school paper requirements and without the help of seasoned writing professionals, you will have a hard time coping up with all the academic demands in front of you.

Choosing the right essay writing service provider for your different requirements is a must. While almost all online writing sites practically offer the same services, they also have their very own fields of expertise. Your student life will be less stressful when you know who to turn to when you need to buy an essay. I hope that my experience with these service providers will help you get value for your money when you pay for essays online. A Unique Way to Buy an essay


Remember how some high school teachers or college professors would pose a question and would require you to provide your answer in an essay format? Writing in itself is difficult for most students; finding the right answer and writing about it is even more challenging. Added to the burden is the deadline that you must meet.

That is not an easy task especially if you do not have any idea or understanding of your teacher’s question! Oftentimes, these questions are designed to challenge your imagination, creativity, reasoning ability, and research skills. Not that you lack any of these, but things can be a bit complicated if you mixed everything.

I am no stranger to this type of writing assignments. Not a week passes without a question raised by one of my professors demanding to be answered in three days. In several occasions, I had the unfortunate experience of receiving three assignments in single week—all with the same deadline.

Luckily for me, I have StudyFAQ to help me with my writing woes!


StudyFAQ is different from any other pay for essay providers I used in the past. Instead of giving them the topic, you can actually post the exact same question that your professor asked you to write about.

I can still remember when I first visited the StudyFAQ website. It was very welcoming and the site navigation was very easy. There is nothing in the website that does not belong there. You can even get in touch with their customer support if you have queries about their services.

Below is an example of what you can see in the website, like the most recent questions asked and the answers provided by the tutors:


Tutors in StudyFAQ are well-versed in their fields of expertise. You can find one in subjects such as history, sociology, statistics, computer programming, sciences, and a lot more. To make things easier for you, the site also provides student testimonials about tutors they hired as well as their answers to questions posted by prospective customers.

Another good feature of the site is that you can get a brief answer to your questions even before you buy an essay. You simply write your question down in the space allotted, provide an email address, and wait for the tutors to answer. Please note that you need to provide a valid and working email because a password to login to the site will be provided to you. This is for future use because the system will log you in as soon as you provide the required information.

You will then be taken to the next page where you need to provide more detailed information such as your location or time zone, subject, topic, required number of pages, timeline, and attachment if there is any. In a minute or two, you will see tutors who are bidding to get your project and for how much—like the ones you see below.


The good thing about this system is that you can view the bidders’ profiles, customer feedback, and topics they wrote about in the past. You can also chat with them without making any commitment to hire. Based on the information you gathered, you can make an informed decision who to choose to write your essay.

Bids for the project range from $24 to $30, but you will also see lower or higher bids depending on the complexity of the topic. After a brief chat with a few chosen candidates (who by the way are all pleasant conversationalists), I decided to pick an author whom I believe met my requirements.

Briefly, here is how I assess the work I received from the tutor:


The whole essay followed the initial draft that was provided during the interview phase. The essay I received was presented in three major sections: introduction to the subject; answer to the question I posted including references and opinion; and conclusion. During the writing process, the author provided me with various references she was planning to use for the project. Overall, I would say that the essay was exceptionally done well! I did not regret my decision to pay for essay from this site.


The deadline was met and it was better than expected. I received my essay two days prior to the time limit and it gave me ample time to review the material and ask for revision (although I did not need one at that time).


I can say that the open line of communication between me and the writer made my writing project a success. Prior to completing the project, the author gave me an outline and asked for approval to proceed. The outline was to the point so I approved it immediately. As she was writing the essay, she kept me abreast with the development and even showed me some of the references she was using. No doubt, what I received was a truly excellent service.

In summary, I find the essay writing service provided by StudyFAQ commendable. Their customer support and writers are always ready to provide 100% of their skills and effort. They also have a veritable list of writers for virtually any topic. The next time you need someone to answer a very difficult question from your teachers, feel free to get in touch with StudyFAQ!

My friend was on a tight deadline for his essay and he wanted to find online sources so he can meet the requirement. Before plunging in, he asked me to review the site Essaytigers which was recommended to him by his classmate.

Knowing his cautious nature, I indulged him with a review of the site and here is my assessment.

The first sign that it was not a reputable site were the errors I received when I was trying to access the website. This never happened to me with other sites providing similar service. When finally I was able to enter the website, I was dumbfounded with what I saw! There were plenty of useless information and the design of the website was not inspiring.

The next red flag that I saw was the declared $10 price per page as shown in the screenshot below. I am calling this out because when I used the price table in the site, the lowest price for a page that I saw was actually $20—double the declared amount!


I did not spend as much time navigating through the website; instead, I searched the internet for reviews from previous customers of the site. Below are just some of them:

Essaytigers Essaytigers Essaytigers Essaytigers

Needless to say, I did not recommend to my friend. And it is also not advisable that you buy an essay online from this site.

What about his essay deadline? Well, he was still able to submit his paper work after finding a more reputable and trustworthy provider.

Buy an Essay or Write Your Own: Tips to Save Money on Essay writing

Essays, term papers, dissertations, research papers, thesis, and a lot of other paper works are normal part of a student’s life. Whether you are taking a minor or a major subject does not make a difference—expect to receive writing assignments at any given time.

A Student’s Dilemma

Considering other school requirements, writing essays can be a burden to most students. Writing by itself is already a challenge; finishing a writing assignment that merits a high grade is even more daunting. If you consider that expense when you pay for essay, the problem becomes even heavier.

How to Finish Your Essay the Least Expensive Way

Writing your own essay is the most cost-effective way of dealing with the problem. If you are cash-strapped and have no money to pay for essay, here are the things that you can do:


Writing an essay may be difficult and challenging, but completing one is actually very gratifying. Some students are blessed with writing prowess; others find it troublesome. However, writing is a skill that can be learned. Remember, your teachers are not expecting you to submit a potential best-selling piece of work. All you need is a bit of an effort in gathering references and forming your thoughts in a coherent manner if you do not want to pay for essays online.

Why You Need an Essay writing service Provider for College Essay Writing

Part of college life is submitting essays required in each subject. This is a simple task—that is if you are not burdened with other activities. For some students, finding time to write an essay is a challenge because they are working to earn money to pay for school expenses. While some students can write essays, they face the challenge of writing one that at merits a passing grade.


Faced with all these predicaments, college students cannot help but buy an essay online. And mind you, there are plenty of providers that can be found in the internet. If you are searching for a website to buy essays from, you need to do diligent research first. Do not just hire the first one that you see in your search results. Remember, the output they will provide you will determine if you pass or fail your subject!

The first thing you need to scrutinize when you are searching for a website to pay for essay is the website itself. The online site is the face of the vendor—it is actually the only connection you have with the service provider. Look closely at the manner the articles or information are written in the website. If it is full of grammatical errors, go to the next site. If they do not care what their readers think of their website, the will definitely not give a hoot about your essay!

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